100% of this article is only for Nidarian Guards.

In-game components mentioned in this article can only be accessed by current Nidarian Guards. Nidarian guards are the paying members of Remnants of Skystone.

Extermination Quests are sidequests granted only after obtaining the Gold Trophy of certain selected Mimics, if requested from Admiral Stanton. They are accessible only to Nidarian Guard members.

The quests are "endurance" sidequests, requiring the killing of a certain number of a specific Mimic each day over the course of three days. Note that they do not have to be consecutive days. The most notable reward for completing an Extermination Quest is the Mimic's Deluxe Trophies, but they also reward some Nidarian Points.

Extermination Quests are split into two categories:

  • Extermination Quests
    • 50 Mimic kills every day for 3 days
    • Rewards: Deluxe Bronze Trophy, 10 NP
  • Enraged Quests
    • 100 Enraged Mimic kills every day for 3 days
    • Rewards: Deluxe Silver Trophy, 50 NP

From version 0.9.05, enemy kills in co-op count towards extermination quests.

List of Current Extermination QuestsEdit

Quest Name ID Related Mimic Trophy Reward
Stiltskin Extermination AS0002 Stiltskin Deluxe Bronze
Pustosser Extermination AS0003 Pustosser Deluxe Bronze
Snakehopper Extermination AS0004 Snakehopper Deluxe Bronze
Webdangler Extermination AS0005 Webdangler Deluxe Bronze
Pidgefly Extermination AS0006 Pidgefly Deluxe Bronze
Pidgebomber Extermination AS0007 Pidgebomber Deluxe Bronze
Slugrat Extermination AS0008 Slugrat Deluxe Bronze
Batowl Extermination AS0009 Batowl Deluxe Bronze
Silksnake Extermination AS0010 Silksnake Deluxe Bronze
Hexaboar Extermination AS0011 Hexaboar Deluxe Bronze
Pugcrawler Extermination AS0012 Pugcrawler Deluxe Bronze
Dewdrop Extermination AS0013 Dewdrop Deluxe Bronze
Quilltoad Extermination AS0014 Quilltoad Deluxe Bronze
Blowgrub Extermination AS0015 Blowgrub Deluxe Bronze
Bulkskin Extermination AS0016 Bulkskin Deluxe Bronze
Firegrub Extermination AS0017 Firegrub Deluxe Bronze
Grabrat Extermination AS0018 Grabrat Deluxe Bronze
Hazebug Extermination AS0019 Hazebug Deluxe Bronze
Hellhopper Extermination AS0020 Hellhopper Deluxe Bronze
Hivehat Extermination AS0021 Hivehat Deluxe Bronze
Hookbill Extermination AS0022 Hookbill Deluxe Bronze
Jellywog Extermination AS0023 Jellywog Deluxe Bronze
Rockbug Extermination AS0024 Rockbug Deluxe Bronze
Rockrat Extermination AS0025 Rockrat Deluxe Bronze
Snapshell Extermination AS0026 Snapshell Deluxe Bronze
Stinkbird Extermination AS0027 Stinkbird Deluxe Bronze
Swampfoot Extermination AS0028 Swampfoot Deluxe Bronze
Wallglider Extermination AS0029 Wallglider Deluxe Bronze
Wallworm Extermination AS0030 Wallworm Deluxe Bronze
Enraged Stiltskins AS0032 Enraged Stiltskin Deluxe Silver
Enraged Pidgebombers AS0033 Enraged Pidgebomber Deluxe Silver
Enraged Pustossers AS0034 Enraged Pustosser Deluxe Silver
Enraged Snakehoppers AS0036 Enraged Snakehopper Deluxe Silver
Enraged Slugrats AS0037 Enraged Slugrat Deluxe Silver
Enraged Blowgrubs AS0038 Enraged Blowgrub Deluxe Silver
Black Recluse Extermination AS0039 Black Recluse Deluxe Bronze
Boulder Bison Extermination AS0040 Boulder Bison Deluxe Bronze
Bruinscale Extermination AS0041 Bruinscale Deluxe Bronze
Cactigrub Extermination AS0042 Cactigrub Deluxe Bronze
Catlick Extermination AS0043 Catlick Deluxe Bronze
Crescentwolf Extermination AS0044 Crescentwolf Deluxe Bronze
Electrowog Extermination AS0045 Electrowog Deluxe Bronze
Hackworm Extermination AS0046 Hackworm Deluxe Bronze
Matterhorn Extermination AS0047 Matterhorn Deluxe Bronze
Aurabora Extermination AS0048 Aurabora Deluxe Bronze
Creeper Extermination AS0049 Creeper Deluxe Bronze
Hovercroc Extermination AS0050 Hovercroc Deluxe Bronze
Packrat Extermination AS0051 Packrat Deluxe Bronze
Rockethog Extermination AS0052 Rockethog Deluxe Bronze
Spitshot Extermination AS0053 Spitshot Deluxe Bronze
Windrunner Extermination AS0054 Windrunner Deluxe Bronze
Mimipede Extermination AS0055 Mimipede Deluxe Bronze
Mimitaur Extermination AS0056 Mimitaur Deluxe Bronze
Molecreep Extermination AS0057 Molecreep Deluxe Bronze
Pale Steed Extermination AS0058 Pale Steed Deluxe Bronze
Pinwheel Extermination AS0059 Pinwheel Deluxe Bronze
Stonehog Extermination AS0060 Stonehog Deluxe Bronze
Stinger Extermination AS0062 Stinger Deluxe Bronze
Toy Recluse Extermination AS0063 Toy Recluse Deluxe Bronze
Mangler Extermination AS0064 Mangler Deluxe Bronze
Enraged Auraboras AS0065 Aurabora Deluxe Silver
Enraged Creepers AS0066 Creeper Deluxe Silver
Enraged Rockethogs AS0067 Rockethog Deluxe Silver
Enraged Hazebugs AS0068 Enraged Hazebug Deluxe Silver
Enraged Webdanglers AS0069 Enraged Webdangler Deluxe Silver
Enraged Pidgeflies AS0070 Enraged Pidgefly Deluxe Silver
Enraged Silksnakes AS0071 Enraged Silksnake Deluxe Silver
Clampbright Extermination AS0072 Clampbright Deluxe Bronze
Enraged Rockrats AS0073 Rockrat Deluxe Silver
Enraged Dewdrops AS0074 Dewdrop Deluxe Silver
Enraged Firegrubs AS0075 Firegrub Deluxe Silver
Enraged Quilltoads AS0076 Quilltoad Deluxe Silver
Enraged Pugcrawlers AS0077 Pugcrawler Deluxe Silver
Enraged Wallgliders AS0078 Wallglider Deluxe Silver
Enraged Grabrats AS0079 Grabrat Deluxe Silver
Enraged Rockbugs AS0080 Rockbug Deluxe Silver
Enraged Batowls AS0081 Batowl Deluxe Silver
Enraged Hellhoppers AS0082 Hellhopper Deluxe Silver
Enraged Clampbrights AS0083 Clampbright Deluxe Silver
Enraged Hexaboars AS0084 Hexaboar Deluxe Silver
Enraged Bulkskins AS0085 Bulkskin Deluxe Silver
Enraged Jellywogs AS0086 Jellywog Deluxe Silver
Enraged Toy Recluses AS0087 Toy Recluse Deluxe Silver
Enraged Wallworms AS0088 Wallworm Deluxe Silver
Enraged Hivehats AS0089 Hivehat Deluxe Silver
Enraged Snapshells AS0090 Snapshell Deluxe Silver
Enraged Stinkbirds AS0091 Stinkbird Deluxe Silver
Stinkstrider Extermination AS0092 Stinkstrider Deluxe Bronze

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