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The red dot is the location of the switch. It isn't directly accessible from the first sewer room, you'll have to go around.

  • Brief: Free trapped Rook in Sewers
  • From: Deployment Officer
  • Location: Steamport City - Steamport Sewers
  • Prerequisites: Mission 6
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: We finally have access to the Steamport Sewers. We've sent a number of Rooks in to install a circuit of Ether Tubes for protection, and to scout ahead for the disturbance we've been noticing coming from below.
    We've gotten word that one of our Rooks got trapped in a pocket of haze while installing an Ether Tube new the Inlet entrance. He's still alive thanks to his gas mask, but he's weak and delirious, unable to escape from the cloud of haze. Find your way to the Ether Tube's power switch, and free this stranded Rook from his prison.
  • Reward: New Sprocket (Skystone 101: Rooks), Victorian Lamp, 200 spores
  • Tip: Having trouble as a ferric getting through that one map? There's a shortcut here. Step 1(red): Drop to the bottom through the steam and go to the end. Go to the wall and jump as close as you can and cling onto the wall. Step 2 (yellow): Jump outwards, and quickly do a double jump onto the platform to the right. If you hit the spikes, try again. Step 3 (blue): Exit the map to the right.

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