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Enraged Slugrat
Enraged Slugrat
EXP/CP at level 1*: 4
Health at level 1*: 120
Attack at level 1*: 62
Defense: 0
Drops: Standard Drops
Compost Scraps (common)
Locations: Gearlock Factory
Notes: None.
XP per Health: 0.033

Enraged Slugrats have more attack and hp than regular Slugrats. They are only available during Enraged Slugrats (AS0037).


Tips & AttacksEdit

Enraged Slugrats will slip into corners of the room and become hard to find - make sure you thoroughly search every room.


The attack that you are going to use the most on these creatures is your Steamthrower. First off, if it is on crawling on the ground near you, you will want to use your low attack (down+S). If you happen to run into one crawling on a wall, you will have to fly up and steam it down. Lastly, if it is on the ceiling, you will want to use your raised attack (up+S).


By the time you encounter them, you should be able to kill them in one hit. An upward slash from below, or a crouching strike will do the trick. Or you can get fancy and Divebomb them.


Either crouch-attack or downward swipe Slugrats. Swinging into them may miss. In some situations you may need to use your upward grapple if they are too high up (be warned this sometimes fails to damage them, and causes you to take damage from the contact instead).

Additional InformationEdit

Mimics of Steamport City Slugrat

Sprocket Image for the Slugrat

Sprocket DataEdit

From Mimics of Steamport City: Slugrat:

  • This rat-like Mimic secretes a slime that allows it to crawl up walls, across floors, and along ceilings
    First Encounter: Steamport Sewers

Quest RelevanceEdit

Enraged Slugrats are only available in the Extermination Quest Enraged Slugrats (AS0037), where the player must kill 100 Enraged Slugrats per day for three days for Admiral Stanton.

Trophy FarmingEdit

Completion of Enraged Slugrats (AS0037) gives a DXS Slugrat Mimic Trophy.

Related EnemiesEdit

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