Enraged Pugcrawlers

Enraged Pugcrawler locations in Steamport City (58 above Sewer Entrance (30 in Gearlock Factory), 42 below Sewer Entrance)

  • Brief: Kill 100 Enraged Pugcrawlers for 3 days
  • From: Admiral Stanton
  • Location: Steamport City
  • Prerequisites: AS0012 completed (Pugcrawler Trophy - Deluxe Bronze collected)
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Our rooks on the ground are reporting an infestation of Enraged Pugcrawlers throughout Steamport City. Since these Mimics are enraged, they're much stronger and sturdier than common Pugcrawlers, and moving a bit faster than usual.
    We've counted 100 of these enraged mimics in Steamport City, and as soon as you wipe them out, a new pack of the creatures arrive in their place. Since you've known your skills before, would you like to take on an Enraged Extermination duty? You'll need to kill all 100 of them each day for 3 days.
    This is going to be dangerous, so I would stock up on some rations or fizzes if I were you. Once you drop into Steamport City, look for Pugcrawlers that are pulsing red in rage -- and swinging about on their own. They're stay away until you've kiled all 100, but then 100 more will take their place.
    You had better pace yourself: Just work on defeating all 100 each day, and keep coming back for three days to do it all again. If we luck out, after three days that should drive them away for awhile.
  • Reward: Pugcrawler Trophy - Deluxe Silver, 50 NP NP

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