Empty Spice Jar
Empty Spice Jar
An empty glass jar.
Type Quest Item
Effects None
Source Steamport City

Hatchwood Wilds

Ridgeback Highlands

Buy Price N/A
Sell ValueN/A
Health per SporeN/A

Quest RelevanceEdit

The Empty Spice Jar is used for daily quests. The NPC in that area will offer you some spice, provided you can find the jar hidden somewhere in the area.

  • Steamport City daily jar quest: ED0001
  • Hatchwood Wilds daily jar quest: LL0001
  • Ridgeback Highlands daily jar quest: BS0001

Known GlitchEdit

It is possible to force all the jar locations in Steamport City to spawn jars (83 in total). This has no known practical purpose however, as Rook Edwards' quest will not end, even if you collect the 'real' jar, and if the quest is abandoned, all collected jars will vanish from your inventory.

The glitch is fairly unreliable, and has so far only been achieved using an Aeronaut. However, it can be done by following these instructions:


Inventory holding Steamport City's full compliment of 83 empty spice jars

  1. Without collecting the quest, drop into the room below Rook Edwards.
  2. Immediately fly back through the ceiling, holding and then rapidly tapping up – the quest screen should open twice.
  3. Accept quest – you should then be stuck viewing the second quest screen which appears to be trying to load and failing to do so. If the second quest screen is not stuck, the glitch will not work.
  4. Press M and leave Steamport City, then return to any drop point.

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