Electroneers are Remnants of Skystone's take on the engineer. They are the unplayable fourth class. Three of the Electroneers residing in Nidaria are Otto von Tesla, Otto's assistant, Beatrix, and Gerard, the fizzmaster.

Sprocket InfoEdit

From Electroneer: Field Electroneer

  • Field Electroneers are undergraduates of ECoE (Elite College of Electroneers) with an emphasis in Combat and Survival Studies. They can be deployed to the ground for large scale research projects.

    Field Electroneer

From Electroneer: College

  • Elite College of Electroneers follows the lineage of Electroneer universities that date well before 3000 BH. By custom, only 144 students are admitted into the ECoE each year. However, after the challenging 8-year program, only 10% remain.


As this class is unplayable, its attacks are unknown.

Electroneer NPCsEdit

Aeronaut | Crag | Ferric | Electroneer

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