Door Fungus
Door Fungus
EXP/CP at level 1*: 0
Health at level 1*: 50 (6 hits in co-ops*)
Attack at level 1*: N/A
Defense: 0
Drops: Standard Drops (solo)
5 Geodes (co-ops)
Locations: All areas, including Co-op maps
Notes: Stays in place, easy to kill
XP per Health: 0

Door Fungus serve as a temporary door guard to almost all bosses, in both single player, and co-op. This enemy is easily destroyed by attacking it. It has 50HP in single player, dropping standard drops, and they take six hits in Trailblazing, and they drop five geodes.

Tactics: Tips and AttacksEdit

As an overall tactic just keep attacking this enemy until it dies.


Stand in front of this enemy and fire shots or steam-blast straight at it until it dies.


Stand in front of this enemy and attack it until it dies.


Stand in front of this enemy and whip it until it dies.

Additional InformationEdit

This enemy only appears in the room before confronting a boss, and, once defeated, is gone forever.

Sprocket DataEdit

There are currently no sprockets containing information on this mimic.

Quest RelevanceEdit

This enemy blocks your way in Mission Deployment Quests "Abandoned Factory" (MD0103), "Finish the Mimics" (MD0110), "The Remnant Site" (MD0210), "Rescue Cody" (MD0305) and "River Remnant" (MD0310).

Trophy FarmingEdit

There are no trophies for this enemy.

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