Dewdrop Fungus
Dewdrop Fungus
EXP/CP at level 1*: 0
Health at level 1*: 30
Attack at level 1*: 8
Defense: 0
Drops: N/A
Locations: Hatchwood Wilds
Ridgeback Highlands
Notes: Grows from spores dropped by Dewdrops.
XP per Health: 0

The Dewdrop Fungus is a mimic that grows when a Dewdrop drops a spore on the ground.


Tips & AttacksEdit

These are very harmless, unless they are dropped on top of you. It is only the top of them that can damage you, so you can run through the spiked shafts and not get hurt.


Use your steam cannon to attack the head of the fungus from underneath or either side.


Hit the head with your basic slash attack, jumping if necessary.


Simply whack it with your rope, either from the side or directly beneath it if it is tall enough.

Additional InformationEdit

Sprocket DataEdit

The Dewdrop Fungus is mentioned in the sprocket "Mimics of Hatchwood Wilds: Dewdrop", but there is currently no sprocket with information solely about Dewdrop Fungi.

Quest RelevanceEdit

There are no quests concerning the Dewdrop Fungus.

Trophy FarmingEdit

The Dewdrop Fungus awards no trophy.

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