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Deadrock Canyon
Deadrock Canyon
The highlighted zone on the map is Deadrock Canyon. Blueridge River flows to the left along the bottom.
Type: Adventure Area
Location: Ridgeback Highlands
Inhabitants: Skylarks, Banderos, Mimics

Deadrock Canyon is an area of Ridgeback Highlands. Deadrock Canyon is the third and last area in Ridgeback Highlands, and is first opened up in Mission MD0307: Restore Power to the Mine. Deadrock Canyon has two areas inside of it. The first is the actual Deadrock Canyon, which is opened up as the same time as all of Deadrock Canyon. The second area is Blueridge River, opened up in Mission MD0310: River Remnant. This area is the "boss trail" of all of Ridgeback Highlands, since at the end of Blueridge River you battle the third guardian, Riverfang and the Boss Fungus. The difference between the actual Deadrock Canyon and Blueridge River is not presented in the game; the whole area is called Deadrock Canyon.

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