Full Name: Cody Pompei
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Unknown
Class: Crag
Role: Rook Scout
Location: Paydirt Summit - Copperstone Mines - Deadrock Canyon

Cody is a Crag Scout serving for the Nidarian army. He is sent to assist the player gain entry into Copperstone Mines due to his relations with the Bandero tribe of the area. Cody seems to display some of the prejudice of his fellow Banderos, despite having left them to live in Nidaria.

Sprocket InformationEdit

"Cody Pompei is a Rook Scout for the Nidarian Army. He grew up in the Ridgeback Highlands and is on good terms with the Banderos of Paydirt Summit."--Sprocket "Cody: Intro"

Daily QuestEdit

Nidarian Guard Exclusive!

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