Mix with Iron Bars for Steel.
Type Supply Item
Effects N/A
Source Certain Mimics
Buy Price N/A SporeLargeSpores
Sell ValueN/A SporeLargeSpores
Health per SporeN/A

Coal is a supply item gained from Mimic drops. This item can be used in the Blast Furnace. 10 of this item, 3 pieces of Firewood and one Iron Bar can be made into 1 Steel Bar.

Mimics Who DropEdit

Unlike all other drops, Coal is not dropped by all Mimics, but just by the following:

Coal Farming RouteEdit

Coal Collect Trail

Each red square marks a Firegrub or Hellhopper. The yellow line is the suggested trail. A picture of the coal is attached.

In the Charred Forest, only Firegrubs and Hellhoppers drop coal. In order to save time when collecting coal, generally for making steel for the Rusty Razor Tips (CJ0002) quest, you could travel through the only rooms they appear and kill no other Mimics, besides those that block your path.

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