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Circuit Points

Circuit Points are points given when a player defeats a mimic. They are used to upgrade the player's Spectra Circuit. Every experience point (XP) gained from defeating a Mimic gives one Circuit Point, but no more than 10 for each killed Mimic. All players start out with 2000 Circuit Points.

Spectra Circuit Edit

Circuit Points are used to upgrade the sockets in a Spectra Circuit and place new sockets in. Circuit Points start from 1000 for a 1 volt socket and increase by 500 for every voltage upgrade. Sockets of a certain voltage can hold Etherillium Tubes of the same or lower voltage.

The circuit points for sockets are as follows:

  • New Socket - 1000 CP
  • 1 Volt to 2 Volt - 1500 CP (2500 CP Total)
  • 2 Volt to 3 Volt - 2000 CP (4500 CP Total)
  • 3 Volt to 4 Volt - 2500 CP (7000 CP Total)
  • 4 Volt to 5 Volt - 3000 CP (10000 CP Total)

You can only upgrade a socket one volt at a time, so you spend your Circuit Points cumulatively. For example, creating a five volt socket from nothing would take 10000 Circuit Points (1000 + 1500 + 2000 + 2500 + 3000 = 10000).

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