• Brief: Gather 12 Chestnuts
  • From: Madame Bristlecone
  • Location: Steamport City
  • Prerequisites: MB0001 completed
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Nidaria is currently in a state of immense growth. We are continually getting a flood of refugees signing up for the Nidarian Army. My work here has increased dramatically. I can barely keep my supplies in stock. I feel great sorrow for all the damage inflicted on our troops. I am sure you are well aware of the dangers below, young {player}. I would be most grateful if you would so kindly gather 12 Chestnuts for me. When ground into a powder, they make for an excellent thickening agent in certain cures. The Chestnuts have been horded by Rockrats scattered throughout all of Steam City. Occasionally they will drop Chestnuts instead of the normal spores, so may patience be with you. Once you have 12 Chestnuts, return to me for your reward.
    Extra Rockrats

    Additional rockrats that respawn during this mission.

  • Reward: 10 XP, new Sprocket (Cures: Sprained Cures), Chestnut Cluster
  • Notes: More Rockrats will appear than normal. These temporary spawns reappear as soon as you leave the room and come back without having to leave the map entirely. You might want to take advantage of this to get trophies. There is a particularly good screen, with three Rockrats on it, immediately outside West End Ruins drop point.

Madame Bristlecone Minor Chain

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