A checkpoint

A checkpoint is a large Etherillium Tube that allows a player to save their game and travel through the existing etherillium circuit to other activated checkpoints. When a player arrives at a checkpoint, their health is restored to half of their maximum health if they are below that. Upon pressing up, the player can save their game, travel, or make a checkpoint jump.

Checkpoints are marked with a green box on the map, a green check-mark box on the minimap, and with a red dot on top if the player is at that checkpoint.

Checkpoint Names Edit

Steamport City Edit

A map of the checkpoints of Steamport City

Steamport City Checkpoints

  • Drop Point
  • Ruins Water Tower
  • Commander Base
  • Factory Top
  • Factory Mid
  • Sump Pump
  • Sewer Entrance
  • Guardian

Hatchwood Wilds Edit

A map of the checkpoints of Hatchwood Wilds

Hatchwood Wilds Checkpoints

  • Thicket Woods Drop Point
  • Deep Forest
  • Center Camp
  • Lower Camp
  • Charred Forest
  • Guardian

Ridgeback Highlands Edit

A map of the checkpoints of Ridgeback Highlands

Ridgeback Highlands Checkpoints

  • Drop Point
  • Cable Car
  • Lower Peak
  • Mines
  • Mine Exit
  • Canyon
  • River

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