Charred Forest
Charred Forest Image
A typical Charred Forest scenario
Charred Forest
The highlighted zone in Hatchwood Wilds is Charred Forest
Type: Adventure Area
Location: Hatchwood Wilds
Inhabitants: Ferrics, Mimics, and Rooks

The Charred Forest is an area of Hatchwood Wilds opened up for the first time in Mission MD0208: Charred Forest Rescue. The area has been set on fire by the local Ferric tribe to halt the advance of Mimics. However, this has only proved to worsen the situation, and has actually strengthened many of the Mimics themselves. The Charred Forest continues to rage with heat and smoke long after the Guardian has been slain.

It is home to a unique group of Mimics, some of which have added the properties of fire to their bodies as an additional defensive mechanism, while others have fled to the safety of the Evergreen Lake. They are Crawbacks, Firegrubs, Hellhoppers, Snapshells, Quilltoads and the boss of Hatchwood Wilds, the Great Ferron. Coming into contact with any of the flaming Mimics will cause burns. Embers on walls and Embermites will not burn, but are still dangerous to the touch. Burning tree barriers are actually harmless but still serve as obstacles.

It is also later home to the Blast Furnace which is built in a small room above the checkpoint on the eastern edge; this can't be accessed until the player has beaten the Great Ferron.

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