Each red dot is a Slugrat, yellow dot is a Snakehopper. A picture of the chains you have to collect is also showed.

  • Brief: Retrieve 20 Chains from Mimics in the Factory
  • From: Wystan
  • Location: Gearlock Factory
  • Prerequisites: WY0002 completed.
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Some of these chains that hold the decks together here in Nidaria are lookin' pretty shabby. Admiral Stanton asked me to look into some repairs for these chains, it's my Nidarian duty and all. Well, I don't have many chains layin' around, but I hear there are some down in the Factory in good shape.
    So last time Rook Spencer had Nidarian leave, he told me there were some a' them Snakehoppers and Slugrats making their way into the Factory, and grabbing a bunch of chains. Do you think they make nests with them or something? Weird stuff, I'll tell ya. Well whatever, they've got the chains we need, so you'll just have to hunt those critters down in the Factory.
    I'd say you should find 10 Slugrats and 10 Snakehoppers with chains down there. Bring back the 20 chains, and we'll see what kind of shape they're still in.
  • Reward: A New Sprocket! (Nidaria: Merchant Deck)

Wystan/Furnace Chain

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