Full Name: Cecilia
Gender: Female
Birthdate: Unknown
Class: Aeronaut
Role: Head Rook Cook
Location: Nidaria - B: Victory Labs

Cecilia is the head cook in Nidaria. She is located outside of Victory Labs. She has two new daily quests every day, one of which is exclusive to Nidarian Guard members. Each quest gives you 5 helpings of the food as a reward. For more informations on her recipes check the Baking section.

Sprocket DataEdit

From Sprocket "Baking:Cecilia": Cecilia is the Head Rook Cook in Nidaria. She offers two meals a day for recruits and Nidarian Guardsmen. She has custom blasters to allow direct access to boiling water which comes in handy when cooking up meals.


  • Although she does the cooking, the player receives trophies for completing her quests.

Daily QuestsEdit

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