Mimic Guardians are large mimics that guard the Boss Fungus in an area. Since Mimic Guardians are the bosses of that area, they are fought in the last missions of each area. There are currently three Mimic Guardians, Flybeast, Great Ferron, and Riverfang. On a map, Mimic Guardians are marked with the same skull as the humanoid mimics (sub-bosses). The missions to defeat Mimic Guardians usually have you exploring a new, large area with no checkpoints until right before the boss. The door to the Mimic Guardians is blocked by a Door Fungus. Once the Door Fungus is destroyed, the player goes in the room. The Mimic Guardian is introduced and all of the exits are blocked. If the Mimic Guardian is defeated, the exits will open. The player will go through the room to the other side, where they will go into a room with a Boss Fungus inside.

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