Blue square shows the Ship Log's location.

  • Brief: Find the Ship Log Book in the Thicket Woods
  • From: Lieutenant Driscoll
  • Location: Thicket Woods
  • Prerequisites: Hatchwood Wilds cleared
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Seems like you got a handle on the Hatchwood Wilds. I, myself, have many forest missions under my belt. Man we had some crazy times, me and that old Captain Mick, that is. We were quite the team, first ones in and last ones out. That's how it was with us, you know. Anyways... that was before the crash, which left me in this chair and Mick in a grave. It happened down in the Hatchwood Wilds.... Hey, whenever you go running 'round down there in the forest, keep your eyes peeled for an old Ship Log book. If you find it, could you bring it back to me?
  • Reward: 40 XP, A New Sprocket! (Ships of Nidaria: Veruna)

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