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Calluan warriors

Calluan warriors rushing into battle under the command of Chief Juniper.

Calluan Warriors are a group of Ferrics led by Chief Juniper. With the exception of Hawthorn (who leaves for the Hawthorn in the City quest) and Firethorn (who follows the Great Ferron to the Remnant Site in Mission 20), all Calluan Warriors reside in Camp Calluna, a sub-section of the Hatchwood Wilds. Like all Ferrics, they use Ferron Beaks as weapons, and, with the exception of Chief Juniper, masks fashioned out of Ferron skulls. With the use of Ferric Lifts, a complex series of elevator puzzles, the Calluan Warriors have been able to keep all mimics at bay.

These Ferrics have a very distinct ideology, in which they worship the Great Ferron, using Prayer Feathers and memorials to ask for blessings and luck. Totems scattered across the Camp are used to depict events from history or mythological stories, as well as to act as gathering places for departed souls. They also believe that the Great Ferron dropped the Skystone from the heavens, and would be reborn from it to take all worthy souls to the skies.

Calluan Warriors are often hostile towards Nidarians because of the Ferric Removal Act which began a campaign against their tribe.

All of the Calluans besides Hawthorn wear bandanas similar to the Bandero Banderas to conceal their faces.

List of Calluan Warriors Edit

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