Bulkskins are green dots. Pugcrawlers are blue dots.

Harvest Pumpkin

A Harvest Pumpkin

  • Brief: Gather Harvest Pumpkins for Juniper
  • From: Chief Juniper
  • Location: Hatchwood Wilds
  • Prerequisites: Harvest Greetings (MB0008) completed
  • Objectives:
  • NPC: Hello again, [player]. Madame Bristlecone is expecting a share of our Harvest from around the Camp, but we've run into a problem during harvesting. My Calluan Warriors had grown a wonderful crop of pumpkins to send to Nidaria, in a patch that seemed to be safe from Mimics. Right before the time of Harvest, however, our crop of pumpkins was raided by a group of Bulkskins and Pugcrawlers.
    We could use your help tracking down these Mimics, and with luck the pumpkins will still be in good shape to send in Nidaria. Please search throughout the Hatchwood Wilds for these Mimics, and bring back the 50 pumpkins that were stolen. They could be the Woods, the Camp, or the Charred Forest, so be sure to check everywhere in the area.
  • Reward: 50 Brass, 5 Harvest Moon Pies

Notes: 31/50 pumpkins are held by bulkskins.

There are 17 pumpkins in Thicket Woods, 20 in Charred Forest and 13 in camp calluna

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