Blast Furnace Image

The Blast Furnace, located in the Charred Forest

The Blast Furnace is a machine in the game that allows you to create Bars out of materials. It is the first step in Metal Crafting. The Furnace is located in Hatchwood Wilds, Charred Forest in the small room above the Charred forest checkpoint and is first seen in the side-quest Iron Making (WY0003). The bars can then be rolled using the Rolling Mill (with the exception of Glass Bar). When making a bar, it requires that you use 3 Firewood to power the furnace.

Blast Furnace location

The Red dot indicates the location of the Blast Furnace.

Metal CraftingEdit


In order to use the Blast Furnace, you must complete the Hatchwood Wilds mission line and Wystan's sidequests. Wystan's Iron Making (WY0003) sidequest will walk you through how to create bars.
In particular after completing Hatchwood Wilds, to access the Blast Furnace the player has to complete the following chain of sidequests:

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