• Brief: Collect 20 Batowl Wings for Cypress
  • From: Cypress
  • Location: Etherea
  • Prerequisites: CY0030 completed, 1 Batowl killed.
  • Objectives:
  • NPC:
    I hear you're able to kill those Batowl Mimics before they bomb themselves into the ground. Such a strange behavior! Would you like to help me study these creatures? It sounds like you're at least capable of it.
    I hear that the wing is likely to be left behind when a Batowl combusts. Try to collect 20 of these, and make sure you take down the Batowl before it bombs into the ground -- nothing survives the blast of Haze when it crashes down!
    Welcome back, {player}. I have studied these Batowl wings, and they're obviously very similar to native bats – hence the name! While the heads of these creatures are more owl-like, their wings are more bat-like than bird-like.
    This would explain why the Batowl hangs upside-down. Normal bats can’t take off into flight from the ground, since their wings don’t provide a lot of lift like a bird’s wing does. These creatures have mimicked this wing structure, so they need to take off from a height to be able to fly. It’s strange that in both the Batowl and the Wallglider, they didn’t mimic the owl’s wing instead, to provide better life for flight.
    Thanks for helping out again, {player}. Take this new Sprocket for your collection!
  • Reward: A New Sprocket (Mimics of Steamport City: Batowl), 30 XP

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