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Type: Clothes
# of Pieces 5
Full List: Pants
Hat 1
Hat 2
Store: Nidarian Guard
Dates Available: unknown
Style: The outfit of an Admiral
Related Brands unknown

Admiral outfit is an exclusive set of clothes, granted when signing up for lifetime membership in Nidarian Guard. The set includes the feather ornated hat, the white jacket with golden shoulder straps, the blue pants with a white strip and boots.

This is the same costume as worn by Admiral Stanton on Nidaria's main deck.

Clothes Edit


Admiral Pants

  • Type: Bottom
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --


Admiral Boots

  • Type: Shoes
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --


Admiral Jacket

  • Type: Jacket
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --

Hat 1Edit

Admiral Hat 1

  • Type: Hairstyle
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --

Hat 2Edit

Admiral Hat 2

  • Type: Hairstyle
  • Spores: --
  • Brass: --

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